How to choose the perfect hand dyed yarn for your projects

It is amazing to me how many of my customers struggle with choosing the right yarn for the right project, but if you are not too familiar with hand dyed yarns then this really is a challenge because choosing the right yarn for a project is so important when it comes to indie yarns.

Hopefully I can help you by explaining the difference between our yarns.



Solid dyed yarns are a great fit for any project..there is something to note here though. There are no true solids when it comes to hand dyed yarn.

Semi solids is the term most dyers use. The process that indie dyers use to dye yarn brings a slight color change. The way that yarns soaks in the dye depends on a number of things. Depends on the material in the yarn, depends on the temperature of water or the amount of acid or when we use the acid to fix the dyes to the yarn fabric.

I find that I get a truer solid color if I dye my yarm the opostitte of how I would noramlly dye it, almost throwing out the dyer rule book lol.

Instead of heating the water and then adding the yarn, I bring the dye bath up from cool while yarn is already in the bath, give plenty of room for yarn to move around and lastly, I add my acid fixer after I believe the yarn has taken on the most amount of dye.

Although we do not  attain a true solid, the very slight color change that you see, truly lends itself to the beauty withing your project, making it a true one of a kind. You can see this in the project beloe which is knit in our Golden Nugget Semi Solid.



Our signature yarns refer to anything that is speckled, hand painted or that has changing colors.

These yarns are the true art of the artisan dyer. This is where our creativity and unique style comes to life.

It is where we have the most creative freedom and fun, but this also can bring challenges for the dyer as repeating colorways never brings two of the same.  Here at Lowlander we come very close as we note every process and video ourselves dyeing our signatures, it is amazing how this digital notebook helps us and sets us apart from some dyers as we aim to acheive almost prefection.

 When choosing this style of yarn for projects, it is always best to purchase how many skeins you believe you will need on one order,  then we can dye the order in one batch and acheiving a more cosistent color throughout all skeins.

We always encourage our  customers to alternate skeins if usuing more than one skein within a project.

All this being said, this style of yarn, ruly is the  creme de la creme..the cream of the crop. It's beauty is the eye of the beholder. I love it when customers share their projects using our signature yarns, it really is when we see our yarn come to life.

Signature yarns lend themselves to most projects and really showcases the yarn. Great for socks, shawls, sweaters and such.

Below is our Summer Is Coming! colorway. This really showcases the speckles used when creating this color



Our tonals are a beautiful single color, dipped dyed in stages to bring a color from dark to light.

The colors shifts slightly as you increase your knitting to give a mottled effect and is one of my favorite styles of yarn, truly is beautiful, subtle and classy.

This is the only yarn that will not lend itself to any project...not saying that you cannot, but it really is designed to give a certain effect within a project that increases...for example! shawls.

You can see this as an example in The High Tea Wrap Shawl that was knit in our Heather Tonal

Shawls are a great way to showcase  these yarns and truly bring your shawl to life. The color shift is timeless.

You can also find an example of this in The Color Me Curious Shawl that was knit up in our Color Me Curious Tonal colorway.


High Tea Wrap

Color me Curious

I really hope this blog has uncovered the mystery of hand dyed yarns. If you need help choosing the perfect yarn for your project then please dont hesistate to contact me at


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