The Great Scottish Tour Yarn Club

We kicked of the year with an amazing club for you all to climb on board.

What better club to join during a pandemic than a travelling yarn club.

The idea for the club came to me as I was brainstorming 2021 clubs and the restrictions at the moment which means I cannot travel back home to Scotland.

Missing home so much and knowing that you all also are missing places..people and travel..then came my AHA!! moment.

Join our club on any month, no commitment for yearly sign up...climb on board anytime as we virtually travel throughout Scotland, visiting the many beautiful places of wonder throughout this great contry of mine.

I have been so excited every month to take you to the next place in our travels, currently we are off to Aberdeen.

We have visited Glasgow and then travelled to Stirling..from there we hopped on over to Edinburgh and then travelled  throughout the East coast through The KIngdom of Fife.

It has been so much fun along the way and we have sold out every month as others want to travel with me back home.


A fun packed package of yarn..notions, sweet treat and a newsletter detailing the history and journey of the place we visit that month...

Come join us along this wonderful journey

May Club!! and we are to Aberdeen

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