Yarn Advents

Welcome To Advent Season At Lowlander

You are about to embark on the journey back home wherever you are or wherever you are going..we will all be going
" Home For The Holidays".
Our theme this year will be " Home For The Holidays, which we think is so approprate for the season we find ourselves in.
We are all waiting in anticipation to be home for Christmas as we all slowly are making our way our of lock down..so we are excited to bring you an advent season that celebrates this great occassion...and it truly will be a celebration for us all to go home for the holidays.

Lowlander Advent Update!!

We are changing things up a bit this year with many advent and gift options.
First change you will see is that we will no longer be creating a 25 days of Christmas advent..Our Main Advent this year  will be a twelve day of Christmas advent. We made this decision so that we could concentrate and have more creative freedom in bringing you the best advent.
In years past we have been so swamped by fulfilling our 25 days advent that we have felt that we havent been able to have fun in the season and the whole point in the season is for joy and happiness lol.
We are excited about these changes and we hope you are too.
Come on in and choose your advent and or your gifts for the season.