All About Us

Meet Jacqui…

I am Jacqui the owner of Lowlander Yarn Studio, my business is soley owned and run by myself, the indie dyer behind the scenes of everything you see.

I am originally from Scotland, born and raised in Glasgow on the West Coast of Scotland. I came here to live in the Midwest in 2007.

After being here a couple of years I found myself on my own after many years of marriage. Like many others who find themselves going through times of hardship and needing to go a different direction than they had planned, my vision for Lowlander was born….

Our Story…

Lowlander Yarn Shop opened it's doors in 2015 with a bricks and mortar shop in the Midwest.

After a couple of years in business, I found myself desiring more freedom and creativity in my life. Lowlander was a lifeline after divorce, it truly helped me grow emotionally and rebuild my life.

I met some of the most beautiful and creative people and made many life long friendships, I will always be truly grateful for this.

It was a platform for something greater than I had dreamed of and never realized this at the time. It was the foundation to what would become a greater vision, fullfillment, and creative freedom. We closed our doors in 2017 and this is when Lowlander Yarn Studio was born.

Lowlander Yarn Studio is a small batch indie dye company. We bring you intentional and creative yarns through the process of adding colors to bare yarns. We have complete creative freedom in the designing of our yarns, which makes them truly one of a kind originals!

We strive to inspire others through our use of color and cultural experiences…truly bringing you one of a kind yarns that truly will light the imagination.

Imagine it! Dream it! Be inspired by it! Create it!


Meet The Family…….Always growing!!

I am a partner to a wonderful Man in my life Michael and gained an addition to our family with his son Andrew. Mum to four grown up children and their better halves Sean and Kimber, Calvin and Shantell, Ross and Mica, and my beautiful daughter Rebekah. Nana to three beautiful grandkids Stella Louise, Isla Skye, and MacKinnon Robert. They truly inspire me everyday and are my biggest fans!